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High Fence Panels

High Fence Panels, If you want to construct a high fence around your property, it’s important to choose a quality wood product. There are several types of wood available, including Redwood, Cedar, and White wood. All of these materials have different characteristics and can vary in price. For example, Redwood will be more expensive than white wood, while white wood is less expensive than both Cedar and Redwood. Additionally, the cost of each material will depend on its lifespan, so it’s important to factor this into your budget.

Fencing Company Dundee

After you’ve purchased and measured the materials, you should create an outline for your fence. You can do this by placing stakes at each corner. Use durable string to tie these stakes into the ground. The stakes will act as line posts, and they should be spaced appropriately according to the width of the panel. For example, a six-foot-wide panel would require six stakes every six feet. Also, stakes should touch each other to ensure that they are properly aligned.

High Fence Panels Dundee

Besides deciding on the style of fence you want, you should also consider installation cost. If you want to install the fence yourself, you can save money on installation costs, but the panels can be heavy, and it takes time to assemble them. A professional installer can complete the job much faster. Another important consideration is maintenance. Some fences require paint to maintain their beauty, which may cost more in the long run.

Different Fencing Designs in the UK

Dundee Fence Builders, There are many different kinds of fencing designs in the UK. You can go for a traditional picket fence, a lap fence panel, or a willow twig fence. Each type of fence has its own unique style and character. Depending on your taste and budget, you can choose from various styles and designs.

Picket fences

Picket fences are traditionally built with pressure treated timber in a traditional style. These fences come in a choice of brown (tanatone) or a natural colour (tanalised). They are usually two or four feet high and can be used as privacy fences or to keep children and animals out of the yard.

Willow twig fences

If you’d like to make your own willow twig fence, there are a number of options available. You can harvest willow branches from your garden or neighbor’s, and then bend them into overlapping hoops. You may need to use other flexible branches as well, and a hammer or wooden mallet to hammer them into place.

Slatted fences

There are a range of options for slatted fences in the UK. These include panels with a continuous slat design, cladding, and vertical battens. You can choose the height and width of the panels and the gap between the slats. This Slatted fences are a great choice for privacy and security, and you can use them to protect your garden from intruders.


Slatted fence panels

Slatted fence panels are made up of horizontal slats that are mounted in front of vertical battens. These panels offer airflow and natural light to your garden while retaining a certain level of privacy. They can also be used as a dividing screen or as a main garden boundary. Dundee Fence Builders, They are made to the highest standards and come with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee. Moreover, they are made from sustainable forests.

Venetian fences

Venetian fence panels are a traditional style of fencing that works well in both traditional and contemporary gardens. They are crafted from quality redwood, unsorted grade, which has few knots. They are designed to create a continuous line of fencing, and are fixed to the front of posts. The panels are made up of a framed slatted board that is planed on all four sides. They can also be used to create a privacy screen for your garden.

Horizontal fences

Horizontal fences are a stylish way to frame an outdoor space. Dundee Fence Builders, They can be built around a pool, a patio, or a garden, and add a rustic yet modern twist. They’re especially useful for properties with sloped land, as the slats can be placed in a terraced pattern to enhance the original topography. These fences can also be customised for individual needs. While a horizontal wood fence may look plain on its own, it can be combined with other materials and designs to create a stunning design. Check it our Facebook Page.
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